Love People

Let us never forget that building relationships and fostering community with others is our first and primary focus as educators. Kiddos scurry out of our classroom doors each and every day to sometimes trade a homework assignment for a myriad of challenges at home.  Your co-worker braved a half-smile all day as her marriage is crumbling around her.  The parent-teacher conference you had was filled with angry and spiteful words spewed towards you over a simple writing assignment.  We do not know what people carry.  We do not know what people hide.  Sometimes we see skeletons we may not understand ourselves.  Loving others when we have never been in their shoes is sometimes hard. DO IT ANYWAY.

When I look around my elementary campus, I am blown away by what my PEOPLE do for others.  I am inspired by the relationships my peeps seek out to strengthen.  I am challenged by the lives lived out around me and by the words, hugs, and sincere kindness by those all around! I love seeing educators being daily difference makers in the lives of  children and adults alike.

 Keep holding the torch of light and life for the littles in your room every day, friends! Continue to be you! Dare to be the "living, breathing, screaming invitation to BELIEVE in better things" for those around you. Let your smile light up the hallway; let your laugh be contagious.  Do it on the days you feel like it. But, more importantly, do it on the days you don't.

Love people. 

Above quote from Jamie Tworkowski

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  1. This is what makes you extra special! Thanks for loving our littles! You're the best!