Quality Work Alert: INSPECT what you EXPECT

You know that feeling.  You have spent hours or even days preparing a set of lesson plans you feel are so engaging for your kiddos! Heck, you even have pulled students into your planning to get their input on how you can make the lesson/assignment the best it can be! At the end of the day you decide to look through students' work.  It is at this moment you question if your students were even present for the lesson in your classroom? Were they in the same room, the same planet? You begin to question yourself on what language you must have been speaking:-)

 Have you been there? Oh, geez...I know I have.  I am here to make a bold statement today:  It is WORTH it.  What you have prepared, the lesson you collaborated on with your team, the lesson that another student helped you to develop IS WORTH IT.  Sometimes it is easier to brush off unacceptable work or think that there really isn't time to go back and have students redo their work or assignment. There is always time.  You may have to reallocate time, but I promise you IT IS worth it.  Whether students were to create and illustrate number lines in Educreations on their iPad, or work out five area and perimeter problems in their workbook...unacceptable work is just that, unacceptable.  Maybe your fourth graders wrote a whole "paragraph" without correct capitalization/punctuation, maybe a reading response journal was done too quickly and slopped down...don't be afraid to blow the whistle on unacceptable work! You know your students best, and it is easy at this point in the year to know when individual students are not giving it their ALL!

If you are assigning students respectful tasks/activities for learning, then you should INSPECT what you EXPECT! If students know that you expect their best work no matter what the assignment, they will rise to your expectations. Don't be afraid of having students redo work!

Here is a freebie to use with student work that needs another look! Feel free to run this on colored paper so it stands out! Staple it to the work that needs more work!  Two versions are available in this FREEBIE (with and without parent signature.)

Keep working on the work!

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  1. I found you via Pinterest! I agree that we should hold students accountable for quality work! Thanks for this freebie! Pinned!

  2. Great idea. Thank you.

    Ruth from germany

  3. I love this! Thank you so much. I normally write a note on the student's paper. Half of the time the note gets missed by parents and sometimes by students. This is much classier. I am going to try printing it on a bright colored paper so that it stands out a little and doesn't get missed.