Fireside Holiday Poetry & Mini Tour

Okay, teachers! Are you in the holiday spirit?!  You know the one that says we should all be merry and bright;-) 
I have a two-part post today, that I hope can help you "Deck Your School!" Part one of the post focuses on Holiday Fireside Poetry.  Part two is a mini school tour of my school.  I found some adorable things while I was out and about.  I hope you find something in this post you can use in your school or classroom this holiday season!

Do your students like poetry? I am so excited about what my kiddos have put together for the holidays! We learned and created different types of poetry that are now hangin' out in our hallway… We talked about four different types of poetry {or five if you count freestyle} which a few of my students chose to do! We looked into cinquain, acrostic, ABC and color poetry.  I was very impressed with what many of my students came up with.  Many even decided to write more than one piece of poetry. Yay! 
I am just giddy at how our Fireside Poetry turned out! Take a look! At the end of this post, you can check out my new Fireside Holiday Poetry product!

As I was going around our building today, I snapped some other holiday ideas/activities I thought I would share with you!  Okay, so this first picture is something cute I found in our office.  How easy could this be adapted to any teacher gift? I totally plan on stealing this a adapting it for my own kiddos' teacher gifts;-) 
 Wonderful Mrs. Lewis in kinder created this aDOORable topper! Mrs. Lewis' Sweeties! I can attest that she does indeed have some sweeties! How cute is this?!
 I love Ms. Ford's play on words with Ms. Ford's Dears! When I see some of the cutie pies down in kinder, it makes me think how much fun it would be to teach kinder.  Then, usually within a matter of seconds, I come back to reality! Ha! Kinder teachers have a special place in heaven!
Mrs. Stanton and her Christmas writing and patterns are next! She had her littles use wrapping paper to show their understanding of patterning! This task differentiates itself.  Students can create a very simple pattern, or one that is more complex! 
 Mrs. Stanton's Frosty door might be the cutest door in the building!
Mrs. See has a fun Christmas tree made out of her students' hands! So sweet! I can't wait to see what else she puts up...

In first grade, I found this bright holiday tree in Ms. Hood's room! Her students made simple, yet super cute ornaments with beads.  
What about this winter snowflake display celebrating diversity?! What a fun idea Mrs. Crockett!
Last, but not least, in the fourth grade hall I found this cutie! A fun way to bring in the festive spirit of the holidays!
 I hope you enjoyed the mini tour! 

Here is my Fireside Poetry! Check back tomorrow for some math stations and a FREEBIE that every teacher must have!!
Cinquain and freestyle not included in unit.


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