Take Me Out to the....Classroom!

Hey Y'all! I know many of you have started back to school in the last week or so! We start next week, and the kiddos come back on the 26th!! I have been up at school this week trying to get some things going! I adore baseball {specifically my Texas Rangers!} which explains a lot about my room! I think teamwork/baseball have so many valuable life lesson and there are many places you can go with it! 

What do y'all think about my new locker tags below?! EEKK!  I am so excited about how they turned out! You could use them for lockers, cubbies, or as desk name plates. Here they are for you-FREEBIE! I always download the google docs version and open it up as an editable PPT file.  Directions can be found in the first minute of this video if needed.

am always so jealous of those with large rooms! My room is pretty small:-(  Also, for the most part, my classroom looks pretty simple. Once the kiddos get here, I put up a ton of their work in the room. I try and stay as clutter-free as possible!!

  Here are a few pics...more to come as I get going!!

My calendar/jobs area... I am excited to start organizing my classroom library this year! I need a bin system {don't judge that all my books are just on a shelf:-/}!  My Fab Five rules are up top. 
My class from last year helped me come up with what we call the Fab 5! We have hand motions that go with our rules.  I hope to post with the video soon! The rules/norms are: 
1. We respect ourselves, others, and property.
2.  We are safe, kind, and honest.
3. We follow ALL directions.
4.  We try our best.
5. We make good choices!
Below you will find a close up of my job labels {I'm in luv!} I tried to tie in baseball when possible, thus the grounds keeper:-)
Grand-Slam work wall below! Not pictured yet is my Hall of Fame Wall.  This wall is reserved for work that is above and beyond in any aspect.  I post a note by the piece that is highlighted to explain what I saw in the work...I also have other students post what they think was done well!
My new curtains to hide my junk...thanks to my mom!
Above my teacher area is my little decor spot! Gotta have cute stuff and gotta love Hobby Lobby!
I have this sign so that you see it through my window as you walk into my room.  It is probably one of my favorite items in my room.  We reference it a lot throughout the year!
Woohoo! Baseball bean bags! My kiddos are going to go nuts for this new little area that I am calling "The Collaboration Station."  There is a low top table, these 2 bean bags, and a bright blue futon seat.  I am thinking this will be a great incentive seat too! 
My new clip chart! I know you are shocked that it has a baseball theme:-)
I found a pin a while back about how to store iPads in the classroom.  After a trip to Walmart, I picked up my own dish rack and it works wonders in organizing my classroom technology.  I also picked up different colored charging cords at Walgreens:-) This Noise-O-Meter was left by the previous teacher in my room.  The kiddos really like it and it is a great visual reminder of the "noise" in the room.  {I will probably spruce it up sometime soon!}

Another great pin that I had to have for my room! My welcome sign has been through a lot...may need a little TLC before the 26th!

I hope you are gearing up for another great year! I would love to hear your ideas on organizing my books in a better way for my third graders?  Thanks!!
I'm a day late but want to share my classroom tour with you!! Check out Blog hoppin this week for some amazing finds!!

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  1. WOW! I love your baseball theme in your classroom. Everything ties together perfectly.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I absolutely love your ideas! I am also doing a Rangers theme! Are the Job tags also available for download? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks, Belinda! Yay! Another Rangers fan! I plan to make them available! Keep checking back!

  4. Is there a link for the clip chart??? I can't find it!!

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