Back-to-School TPT Sale!

Are you ready? I can hardly wait. The exciting Back-to-School SUPER sales event is almost here! Is your wishlist on TPT as big as mine?  I am continually amazed at the amount of creativity I discover on TPT daily! I have a huge list of reading and writing items wishlisted this year!

So, now is the time to get your wishlist in order because you can save up to 28% in many stores, (including mine!).  The sale will be starting this Sunday, August 18th and will run through the 19th.  Be prepared.  Have a list.  Save money!

 Need a button or banner for your store to promote the sale?? I've got you covered!! {Click here}


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Take Me Out to the....Classroom!

Hey Y'all! I know many of you have started back to school in the last week or so! We start next week, and the kiddos come back on the 26th!! I have been up at school this week trying to get some things going! I adore baseball {specifically my Texas Rangers!} which explains a lot about my room! I think teamwork/baseball have so many valuable life lesson and there are many places you can go with it! 

What do y'all think about my new locker tags below?! EEKK!  I am so excited about how they turned out! You could use them for lockers, cubbies, or as desk name plates. Here they are for you-FREEBIE! I always download the google docs version and open it up as an editable PPT file.  Directions can be found in the first minute of this video if needed.

am always so jealous of those with large rooms! My room is pretty small:-(  Also, for the most part, my classroom looks pretty simple. Once the kiddos get here, I put up a ton of their work in the room. I try and stay as clutter-free as possible!!

  Here are a few pics...more to come as I get going!!

My calendar/jobs area... I am excited to start organizing my classroom library this year! I need a bin system {don't judge that all my books are just on a shelf:-/}!  My Fab Five rules are up top. 
My class from last year helped me come up with what we call the Fab 5! We have hand motions that go with our rules.  I hope to post with the video soon! The rules/norms are: 
1. We respect ourselves, others, and property.
2.  We are safe, kind, and honest.
3. We follow ALL directions.
4.  We try our best.
5. We make good choices!
Below you will find a close up of my job labels {I'm in luv!} I tried to tie in baseball when possible, thus the grounds keeper:-)
Grand-Slam work wall below! Not pictured yet is my Hall of Fame Wall.  This wall is reserved for work that is above and beyond in any aspect.  I post a note by the piece that is highlighted to explain what I saw in the work...I also have other students post what they think was done well!
My new curtains to hide my junk...thanks to my mom!
Above my teacher area is my little decor spot! Gotta have cute stuff and gotta love Hobby Lobby!
I have this sign so that you see it through my window as you walk into my room.  It is probably one of my favorite items in my room.  We reference it a lot throughout the year!
Woohoo! Baseball bean bags! My kiddos are going to go nuts for this new little area that I am calling "The Collaboration Station."  There is a low top table, these 2 bean bags, and a bright blue futon seat.  I am thinking this will be a great incentive seat too! 
My new clip chart! I know you are shocked that it has a baseball theme:-)
I found a pin a while back about how to store iPads in the classroom.  After a trip to Walmart, I picked up my own dish rack and it works wonders in organizing my classroom technology.  I also picked up different colored charging cords at Walgreens:-) This Noise-O-Meter was left by the previous teacher in my room.  The kiddos really like it and it is a great visual reminder of the "noise" in the room.  {I will probably spruce it up sometime soon!}

Another great pin that I had to have for my room! My welcome sign has been through a lot...may need a little TLC before the 26th!

I hope you are gearing up for another great year! I would love to hear your ideas on organizing my books in a better way for my third graders?  Thanks!!
I'm a day late but want to share my classroom tour with you!! Check out Blog hoppin this week for some amazing finds!!


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Back 2 School Giveaway!

I am so excited to tell you about a huge {and I mean HUGE} Back 2 School Giveaway happening over at Elementary School Garden! Jennifer has really worked hard to get so many great products! There are 6 different prize packs! Something for everyone can be found K-12! You will find my Ombre Teacher Binder & Meet the Teacher Bundle and my Superhero Training Camp Collection in prize pack # 5! Tell your friends and go enter to win!

If you would please show some luv;-) before entering the giveaway...
1.  Follow my blog via bloglovin or Goggle Friend Connect...(look to my sidebar:-)
2.  Follow Jennifer @ Elementary School Garden
3. enter your name for all the great prize packs (enter as many as you like:-)!!

I can't wait to see the winners next week! Good luck with all of your back-to-school multi-tasking!!

What is your favorite back-to-school activity you use with your class?

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Cute & Free Clipart

Thanks to: PinkPueblo & CC Fonts
Hello! Happy Thursday:-) I have been getting a lot of questions about how to get started with the graphics you need for creating your lessons & product goodies for TPT and TN.  I hope you will find my tutorial helpful! My tutorial is just a starting point.  Please feel free to ask questions or leave the best places you have found for free graphics below in the comments. Please make sure to listen to all of the tutorial. I discuss citing the graphics in your products and some other really important info! Make sure that if you grab some free graphics, to give a nice shout-out to the graphic artist with a sweet comment and rating! 

The most important part about finding graphics: Have fun!! 

Have a fantastic day! 

(Psssssst....I can't wait to show you some pics of my classroom soon....)

Come back often!

Follow me on bloglovin:-)


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A Picture Perfect Start

Thanks to: ErinBradleyDesigns
Hey Ya'll!! Happy Monday!! I don't know about you, but my summer had some picture perfect moments! It has been a very low-key summer and I have enjoyed some quality time with my kiddos.  Our days have been filled with family & friends, nephews, pool time, popsicles, and baseball games {I have just a small obsession with my Texas Rangers :-) } I wanted to share one of my favorite summer snapshots...I captured this moment right after my son's game...he's such a sweet big bro:-)
I know most of us are ready to start back to school in just a few days! It's hard to think about setting that alarm again, but I will welcome the structure that the school year brings back into my life! Having had some "picture perfect" moments this summer, I wanted carry that theme into my classroom this fall {and hopefully yours too}. So, I did a little thinking and came up with A Picture Perfect Start: The First Days of Kinder, First, and Second/Third Grades!  I am so excited about these fun back-to-school books {I hope you like them}! The covers are all editable! Take a close look at each description because they vary a bit based on grade level.  Here are just a few of the fun pages, you can click the links below:

What "picture perfect" moments did you have this summer? I'd love to hear 'em! Have a fantastic day!!

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Meaningful Relationships with Parents

Can you believe another school year is upon us?  One of the most important parts to our jobs is forming relationships with our students and families.   For most of us, forming relationships with out students is the part that comes a little easier to us.  Dr. James Comer says, "No significant learning happens without significant relationships."

I have this poster right by my desk at school as a daily reminder to me about my relationships. In stretching that thinking a tad further, I believe by teaming up with parents, we can take that "significant" learning to a whole other level! Sometimes parent relationships are not possible due to circumstances out of our control.  This post is intended to encourage you in those parental relationships where forming relationships is a possibility.   

Tip #1 - Create a Positive Mindset

Parents give us their best everyday; they give us their babies!    When your own child comes home upset, you are upset.  When your child gets in the car with a great smile, it lights up your face too.  We can't help it as parents; our kiddos are part of us! We want what is best for them in every situation.  As teachers, if we wrap our minds around the fact that each of our students is someone else's "best", it will help us in preparing our hearts and adjusting our attitude for each day.

Tip #2 - Communication is Key

Communication is crucial for a creating meaningful relationships with parents.  Start off at the beginning of the year setting up a system for communication.  Each teacher handles communication differently.  Some teachers send home daily folders and communication logs, some send weekly newsletters, and still others send emails, use teacher websites or use programs like Remind101.  More than likely you will have several forms of communication.  Pick what works for you and remain consistent with communication.  If parents are expecting folders each Thursday and you cannot get them out on time, let them know.  A simple email will go a long way!  If a parent calls or contacts you, operate by the "rule of 24."  Get back to parents who have contacted you within 24 hours of receiving their message. In many cases, you can respond in just a few hours.

Tip #3 - Be the First! 
 More than likely over the course of a year, you will experience a situation at school with students where parents need to be notified.  Maybe a student was dishonest, maybe two students got into an argument, or maybe you said something unintentionally that had a negative effect on a child.  It is easy to sometimes sweep something under the rug and say to yourself, "I don't like confrontation, so I'll just let this go."At this point, ask yourself: "If this was my child, would I want to know?"  Parents want to hear from you when something occurs at school.  Many times parents will find out about an incident once their child gets home. At than point, all they have to go on is their child's perspective of what happened.   My tip: Be the first! Be the first one that parents hear from regarding any incident at school.  There are definitely times where you cannot contact parents until after school and that is still okay.  If there is a possibility to make contact with the parent[s] before the child gets home, do so.  Parents always appreciate a head's up.  By calling,  you have the opportunity to frame the situation and give details that their child will not have.

Tip #4 - Be More Than A Teacher

Creating relationships with parents and community is much more than your role as a teacher.  It is more about who you are as a person.  When you have conversations with parents, don't limit your conversations to just their child.  Get to know parents as people and what they are about as a family.  If you see a family at the grocery store or out to eat, go over and say hi. Always remain professional in your conversations with parents, but be friendly, approachable, and let parents know who you are as a person. {I would be remiss by not mentioning the next sentence, especially for our new teacher friends: Don't confuse my above few sentences for "being friends" with parents.  I think you can be friendly, but I do not advocate for becoming close friends with parents of students in your class.}

Tip #5 - Learn How to Manage Crucial Conversations

One of the best books I have read is Crucial Conversations.  In the book, the authors frame a crucial conversation as one with high stakes, varying opinions, and where emotions are elevated.  There will be plenty of these conversations throughout your career in education. If we can learn to manage hard conversations, it helps us not only with parent relationships, but also with our co-workers and even family members at home. Sometimes the most important conversations are often times the hardest.

I hope you find these tips useful in starting off your successful school year!   Here is a sneak peek at an up and coming tool that will help you get off on the right foot with parent communication, I can't wait to share it with you! 

There are so many great tips to creating and fostering parent relationships, the ones above are just a start.  What have you found to be one of the best ways to maintain your parent relationships?


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Jumping In!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Welcome to my blog! I have so many feelings about starting this adventure! I'm nervous, anxious, excited {while biting my nails}...

For a quick introduction...
I'm Whitney and I teach third grade in Texas.  This coming school year will mark my 13th year in education.  I have taught third, fourth, and fifth grades, and also served as an elementary assistant principal for six years. I guess you could call me a hybrid:-).   I hope that through our conversations here, we can gain new ideas, fresh insight, and take ideas back to our classrooms that will engage our students in learning that is fun and relevant. I hope to connect with many of you in the next few weeks and months in ways that make a difference for kids. At Whit's End will be dedicated to all things elementary {with no boxes}. I hope you will land here often.  Follow me on bloglovin' {look up top for my button}. Can't wait to see where we go! Please bare with me as I get all of my blog up and going:-)

Now to celebrate!

  • In kicking off my journey here and to celebrate my amazing followers on TPT....I want to say thank you!! I am blown away on a daily basis of the amazing support and community on TPT.  The collaboration, feedback, and amazing ideas I see everyday continue to amaze and inspire me. I am giving away my #meetmyteacher templates! These were so fun to create! Some ideas for use might be:
  • sending out through snail mail to parents
  • Display for Meet the Teacher
  • Part of your back to school parent packet
  • Curriculum Night, etc
 I can't wait to hear the creative ways you utilize these templates, please leave me a comment on how you plan to use it! What do you think is the best part about a new school year? I'd love to hear your response below!

Need help customizing your #meetmyteacher file? Watch my tutorial below! {NOTE: I have cut this file to only have the full color options at this time.  Thank you!!}


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