Thank you! I feel so blessed this time of year!  I hope that if you have found my blog lately, you will consider joining me via bloglovin! Look over to my sidebar and join in the fun! My TPT followers and blog followers have helped make this journey a fun one! I am leaning new things each day!  I hope you will find this freebie to be something worthwhile because I made it just for you! I know I will be needing tons of thank you notes this holiday season! I have eight free versions of thank you notes as well as gift toppers and fun holiday printables! Take a look below and then jump on over to the FREEBIE on TPT!

 Is there a free printable you would like to see? I'd love to make some more to add as FREEBIES just to my blog! I need your ideas!

Merry Christmas!


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Fireside Holiday Poetry & Mini Tour

Okay, teachers! Are you in the holiday spirit?!  You know the one that says we should all be merry and bright;-) 
I have a two-part post today, that I hope can help you "Deck Your School!" Part one of the post focuses on Holiday Fireside Poetry.  Part two is a mini school tour of my school.  I found some adorable things while I was out and about.  I hope you find something in this post you can use in your school or classroom this holiday season!

Do your students like poetry? I am so excited about what my kiddos have put together for the holidays! We learned and created different types of poetry that are now hangin' out in our hallway… We talked about four different types of poetry {or five if you count freestyle} which a few of my students chose to do! We looked into cinquain, acrostic, ABC and color poetry.  I was very impressed with what many of my students came up with.  Many even decided to write more than one piece of poetry. Yay! 
I am just giddy at how our Fireside Poetry turned out! Take a look! At the end of this post, you can check out my new Fireside Holiday Poetry product!

As I was going around our building today, I snapped some other holiday ideas/activities I thought I would share with you!  Okay, so this first picture is something cute I found in our office.  How easy could this be adapted to any teacher gift? I totally plan on stealing this a adapting it for my own kiddos' teacher gifts;-) 
 Wonderful Mrs. Lewis in kinder created this aDOORable topper! Mrs. Lewis' Sweeties! I can attest that she does indeed have some sweeties! How cute is this?!
 I love Ms. Ford's play on words with Ms. Ford's Dears! When I see some of the cutie pies down in kinder, it makes me think how much fun it would be to teach kinder.  Then, usually within a matter of seconds, I come back to reality! Ha! Kinder teachers have a special place in heaven!
Mrs. Stanton and her Christmas writing and patterns are next! She had her littles use wrapping paper to show their understanding of patterning! This task differentiates itself.  Students can create a very simple pattern, or one that is more complex! 
 Mrs. Stanton's Frosty door might be the cutest door in the building!
Mrs. See has a fun Christmas tree made out of her students' hands! So sweet! I can't wait to see what else she puts up...

In first grade, I found this bright holiday tree in Ms. Hood's room! Her students made simple, yet super cute ornaments with beads.  
What about this winter snowflake display celebrating diversity?! What a fun idea Mrs. Crockett!
Last, but not least, in the fourth grade hall I found this cutie! A fun way to bring in the festive spirit of the holidays!
 I hope you enjoyed the mini tour! 

Here is my Fireside Poetry! Check back tomorrow for some math stations and a FREEBIE that every teacher must have!!
Cinquain and freestyle not included in unit.



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Pay it Forward - November FREEBIE

It is hard to believe that we are already in November! My students are working on their first essay! We are working on Laura Candler's Thankful Writing.  The kiddos have a ton to write about and are loving this assignment.

All week, we have been preparing for our big PTA fundraiser tomorrow night, Boots and BBQ! We are looking forward to a night of country dancing, cow dropping BINGO {you can only imagine how cool the kids think this will be!}, tall slide with burlap sacks, great food and fun! Each teacher made a fall scarecrow to auction off at Boots and BBQ.  I must say the third grade teachers' scarecrows turned out pretty darn cute!!

To help bring in the spirit of giving this month of November, utilize my "Pay it Forward" printable below! This would be a great addition to morning work, literacy/work station or an independent reflection piece.  Enjoy!!

Download Here!
Thanks to Creative Clips, KG Fonts, and CC Fonts


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because there is not enough time in the day...
because I have been horrible about blogging...
because there is a pile of laundry undone at home...
because there is dinner yet to be made and papers yet to be graded...
Download Printable Here
I know I needed this reminder! As we come upon this season of thankfulness, may we never get to busy to know the One who holds us in His hands:-)  Hope you can use this FREE printable in your home or office to remind you of His enduring love.

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TPT Flash Sale - October 13!

Wow! I love surprises!! TPT only offers site sales a few times a year! They have hit 100K Facebook likes and have decided to throw a surprise 10% off FLASH sale! I have also decided to join their sale! Together, TPT and I are offering a whopping 30% off of items in my shop today only! Hurry over! The sale will be over in a flash!! Make sure to enter the code: FB100K upon checking out!

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FREEBIE Alert! Chevron, Anyone?

Today in Texas it finally feels like fall! Yay! This truly is my favorite time of the year! I can't wait to post my week in review {hoping to get to that tomorrow;-} I have a few new fall items in my TPT store and a few more up my sleeve! In celebration of this wonderful fall is a FREEBIE you are sure to enjoy! Who doesn't like chevron! C'mon! Click over to my store and download! 

Thanks for following!


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Favorite Time of the Year and Something New!

pumpkin spiced lattes. jeans. converse sneakers. crisp, cool air. pumpkin patch pictures. fall decor. family. food. friends!  These are just a few of some of my favorite parts of fall! It is my most favorite time of the year! Here are a few activities I like to incorporate in the fall! All of which can be found in my two new bundles Piles of Smiles {K-1} and Piles of Smiles {2-3}.

Apples, galore! How do you like yours? I love mine with peanut butter or Nutella. Yummo!  Here is a fun activity you can do at home with your own littles or in your PreK-1st grade classroom.  This activity turns into a great keepsake for parents!! 

Do you love candy corn as much as I do?  What about incorporating it into a math assessment or math station? Students will have so much fun showing what they know with comparing numbers! This product is also very easy to differentiate and can be used in kinder through third grade!

My last activity to share today is the Tree of Thanks! I thank the good Lord every day for the blessings in my life.  We need to share with our kiddos how truly blessed we are! It's a great conversation!   The Tree of Thanks is also easy to change up for older students.  You could have students write a short poem including things they are thankful for or have them write a few sentences.  I cannot wait to see what our tree will look like at the end of November! If you use this idea at home, add one leaf each day to show your family's gratitude! If you use this in your classroom, each student can add their own "thankful" leaf. 
All of the above activities along with a bunch more can be found in my two new fall creations: Piles of Smiles!
Click Here
Click Here
What is your favorite fall classroom activity?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Back 2 School & Technology Buzz

Hey All! Whew! It has been a great two weeks of school! Besides my new, fun group of third son started first grade and my daughter is enjoying her new Pre-K class! 
I am sorry that I have been MIA! It has taken me about two weeks to get back in the swing of things, but I plan to have at least a couple of posts this coming week:-) I wanted to share a few amazing 21st century learning tidbits! Some of these tools I have used in my classroom...and the others I can't wait to implement!

1. Aurasma
Wow! Augmented reality is now possible.  If you like QR codes and using them in your classroom, check out what you can do with Aurasma. This eight minute TED video gives the basics of what Aurasma is and how it can be used.
Now, take a quick look at how you could use Aurasma as part of a math station in your classroom:

The sky is the limit with this free app in the classroom.  There are so many great uses for Aurasma!

2.  Path On - The ideas I have for the classroom with Path on are endless!! A picture + words with a path that you determine! My mind immediately goes to characterization and the cool things you could do when studying characters and character traits. What about science? Upload a picture of a science tool {beaker} and have students trace a path around the beaker and then insert text that explains how to be safe when handling liquids during science activities!! Path on looks like a TON of fun and I know my kiddos will love it!!
3. Picturebook - Students can make books on almost any topic! My first grade son adores this app! He is constantly making books about things we do or different people in our family.  This app has so much potential and could be used K-5 in a variety of content areas. 
4.  Pic Collage - I have used Pic Collage in many ways in my classroom.  I love that students can add text and pictures in a creative product! Last year my kiddos picked their own topic and had to create a pic collage and write 2 facts and 2 opinions about their topic.  I was able to take a language and reading grade on their creations.  The best part...the kiddos LOVED it!  

5. Funny Movie Maker - This app is too cute! Again, the possibilities are endless! I envision students making a speech to review a concept or skill...or maybe students come up with two different "characters" to debate a topic! Check it out!

Two Cool Web 2.0 Tools!
If you are anything like me, you visit many sites a day on the computer for this or that.  Enter - Symbaloo! Symbaloo allows you to save a webmix of documents or websites for future reference {it's super user friendly too}....a way to stay organized and keep up with all the places we visit online.  Think of it as a one stop bookmark for many sites! You can also make webmixes to share with students or parents.  You could make a webmix of student approved websites in content areas that would come in very handy when you don't want students to have to enter a URL address....they just click on the icon and boom...they are on the site or part of the website without having to jump around or navigate the site! :-)

 Sign generators from 
 Last year I came across these neat sign generators.  I used the iPhone and iPad generators in my class.  Students created fake texts and emails as part of a reading response activity on characterization. They "sent" emails and texts as a character in our story to another character in the story.  This was a VERY popular station, as you can imagine! Be careful, not all the sign generators are kid-appropriate! 
What apps or technology are you excited about this year? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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Back-to-School TPT Sale!

Are you ready? I can hardly wait. The exciting Back-to-School SUPER sales event is almost here! Is your wishlist on TPT as big as mine?  I am continually amazed at the amount of creativity I discover on TPT daily! I have a huge list of reading and writing items wishlisted this year!

So, now is the time to get your wishlist in order because you can save up to 28% in many stores, (including mine!).  The sale will be starting this Sunday, August 18th and will run through the 19th.  Be prepared.  Have a list.  Save money!

 Need a button or banner for your store to promote the sale?? I've got you covered!! {Click here}


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Take Me Out to the....Classroom!

Hey Y'all! I know many of you have started back to school in the last week or so! We start next week, and the kiddos come back on the 26th!! I have been up at school this week trying to get some things going! I adore baseball {specifically my Texas Rangers!} which explains a lot about my room! I think teamwork/baseball have so many valuable life lesson and there are many places you can go with it! 

What do y'all think about my new locker tags below?! EEKK!  I am so excited about how they turned out! You could use them for lockers, cubbies, or as desk name plates. Here they are for you-FREEBIE! I always download the google docs version and open it up as an editable PPT file.  Directions can be found in the first minute of this video if needed.

am always so jealous of those with large rooms! My room is pretty small:-(  Also, for the most part, my classroom looks pretty simple. Once the kiddos get here, I put up a ton of their work in the room. I try and stay as clutter-free as possible!!

  Here are a few pics...more to come as I get going!!

My calendar/jobs area... I am excited to start organizing my classroom library this year! I need a bin system {don't judge that all my books are just on a shelf:-/}!  My Fab Five rules are up top. 
My class from last year helped me come up with what we call the Fab 5! We have hand motions that go with our rules.  I hope to post with the video soon! The rules/norms are: 
1. We respect ourselves, others, and property.
2.  We are safe, kind, and honest.
3. We follow ALL directions.
4.  We try our best.
5. We make good choices!
Below you will find a close up of my job labels {I'm in luv!} I tried to tie in baseball when possible, thus the grounds keeper:-)
Grand-Slam work wall below! Not pictured yet is my Hall of Fame Wall.  This wall is reserved for work that is above and beyond in any aspect.  I post a note by the piece that is highlighted to explain what I saw in the work...I also have other students post what they think was done well!
My new curtains to hide my junk...thanks to my mom!
Above my teacher area is my little decor spot! Gotta have cute stuff and gotta love Hobby Lobby!
I have this sign so that you see it through my window as you walk into my room.  It is probably one of my favorite items in my room.  We reference it a lot throughout the year!
Woohoo! Baseball bean bags! My kiddos are going to go nuts for this new little area that I am calling "The Collaboration Station."  There is a low top table, these 2 bean bags, and a bright blue futon seat.  I am thinking this will be a great incentive seat too! 
My new clip chart! I know you are shocked that it has a baseball theme:-)
I found a pin a while back about how to store iPads in the classroom.  After a trip to Walmart, I picked up my own dish rack and it works wonders in organizing my classroom technology.  I also picked up different colored charging cords at Walgreens:-) This Noise-O-Meter was left by the previous teacher in my room.  The kiddos really like it and it is a great visual reminder of the "noise" in the room.  {I will probably spruce it up sometime soon!}

Another great pin that I had to have for my room! My welcome sign has been through a lot...may need a little TLC before the 26th!

I hope you are gearing up for another great year! I would love to hear your ideas on organizing my books in a better way for my third graders?  Thanks!!
I'm a day late but want to share my classroom tour with you!! Check out Blog hoppin this week for some amazing finds!!


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